Solar Staff changes pricing starting August 1


The price will depend on the contractor's tax status and the company's 3-month turnover in the service. Russian companies working with the self-employed and individual entrepreneurs will pay the least.

For businesses, the price of the service will be 4-9% of the task amount. The lowest rate of 4% will apply when working with the self-employed and individual entrepreneurs, regardless of the company's average monthly turnover in the service.

When working with individuals, the price will depend on the amount paid for tasks in the service over the last three months:

  • Up to RUB 2,999,999 – 9%
  • RUB 3,000,000 to RUB 11,999,999 – 8%
  • Over RUB 12,000,000 – 6%

Businesses can reduce how much they pay by 1% if they pass this 1% on to their contractor, whose payment for the task will be reduced accordingly. 

For contractors, there are no longer withdrawal commissions. Instead, the client can now request to pass on 1% of the service charge (applied to the task amount) to the contractor.

The new pricing will go into effect on August 1. If you have any questions, reach out to us at