Unlock growth potential
with borderless hiring

Set tasks for thousands of contractors at a time
Choose who can accept, 
pay for, or decline tasks
Streamline your operations with the Solar Staff API

Who can benefit?

Business leaders
Expand the team and cut costs
HR specialists
Work with freelancers anywhere in the world
Project managers and heads of departments
Hire project-based workers
CFOs and accounting
Automate document flow and payments

Commission starts at 2.2%

No recurring payments. The commission depends on your company's monthly turnover in Solar Staff. More transactions mean lower cost.
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Why businesses choose
Solar Staff

We're reliable
Own infrastructure, assurances by international auditors, and 10 years of experience
Industry leaders trust us
More than 3 000 businesses
We value our customers
Support that cares

people say

For us, Solar Staff is a true one-stop shop. It has eliminated all admin headache. Now, I just set a task, get the result, and send the money to the team.

Maxim Fedotov


Head of Business Development at Joom

Solar Staff has made life so much easier for our freelancers. It automatically generates all the documents you need to file taxes, greatly speeding up the process.

Polina Prosikova


Head of Treasury at Skyeng

With Solar Staff, we've been able to reduce the number of employees engaged in payment processing to a minimum. Now, it only takes project managers and one HR specialist.

Veronika Sherbakova


Head of HR Policy at Rambler&Co

We've been using Solar Staff for more than four years now. It's a great solution for businesses that need to make a large number of payments to freelancers, both in Russia and abroad.

Evgenia Kazakova


COO at Perfluence

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