Give your team payment flexibility

Pay as you go
from 2%

Multiple payment
and withdrawal methods

33 global and local

Sign a single contract to work with the world

Condense endless contracts, invoices, and NDAs with your freelancers into one AOR agreement with Solar Staff, saving thousands of admin hours.


Forget about repetitive manual work when operating at scale: optimize using the Solar Staff API

Premium support

Your case is always special. Need a question answered, an issue resolved, or a tax matter addressed? We're always there to help

Complete privacy

Solar Staff is not a marketplace. All contracts, tasks, and terms stay private

Dispute resolution

We assist our customers with any disputes. If needed, the parties can also engage an independent mediator

people say

We needed a tool that could quickly send payouts worldwide in full compliance, including to regions with complex and non-transparent banking systems. That’s when Solar Staff entered the picture. Now we can easily work with talented people anywhere in the world and be sure of timely payouts to them


Chief Financial Officer

We've been using Solar Staff for more than four years now. It's a great solution for businesses that need to make a large number of payments to freelancers, both in Russia and abroad.


COO at Perfluence

Solar Staff gives us the opportunity to quickly release content: from the moment of agreement with the influencer to publication, it takes 7 working days. To compare, the process stretches for 20–30 days if done directly


Head of social and influencer marketing

Solar Staff has made life so much easier for our freelancers. It automatically generates all the documents you need to file taxes, greatly speeding up the process.


Head of Treasury at Skyeng

In 2017, we paid for about 400 different services per month and spent 3 minutes on each service, that is, 20 hours creating tasks. Now we have 600 - 700 services per month and the manager spends only 4 hours. We set tasks for freelancers and check the results 5 times faster


Production Director