About the program


Performers can earn money from the referral program by inviting customers to register in the service using a unique link. The reward amount can be withdrawn to any available payment method in your personal account.


All performers registered with Solar Staff. It doesn’t matter what country you are in and how you registered in the service - by invitation or on your own.

How it works

Log in to your personal account and copy the referral link. Send it to the company you want to invite. The offer link now works the same.

After registration, this company will be assigned to you. Each month, we will consider whether the company has reached the minimum threshold for payments for tasks.

When you reach the payment threshold, we will invite you to our company as a performer and create a task for you with a bonus amount.

Complete the task to receive money for your balance in Solar Staff. Then you can display them in any way that suits you.

Referral bonus

Company currency
Your reward
$ 2000 +
$ 100
€ 2000 +
€ 100
₽ 200 000 +
₽ 10 000

Timing of crediting reward

If the customer has spent the required minimum amount, expect a reward at the beginning of the next month, within 10 business days.

If the amount of paid tasks has not actually reached the minimum turnover, then the calculation continues cumulatively in the following months.

For example, if a customer paid for $1,800 worth of tasks in January, and another $200 in February, then at the beginning of March you will see a task worth the reward amount in your personal account.

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